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thurs, May 6

12:45 PM

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photo courtesy of storm santos


Emily Driscoll is a two-time Emmy Award-winning documentary director and editor, and the founder of BonSci Films, a production company specializing in science and art documentaries. She produces short films for Science Friday, including the HHMI/SciFri series "Breakthrough", an anthology of films featuring women in science across STEM fields. Her short films examine stories ranging from how hydrologist Karletta Chief helps indigenous populations contend with water pollution, to the fluid dynamics of sneeze clouds, to profiling the female engineers behind India's first mission to Mars. She also directed Quanta Magazine's In Theory Season II and has made videos for The World Science Festival, National Science Foundation, and The Museum of the City of New York. She currently produces short films and explainers for NewYork-Presbyterian, Weill Cornell, and Columbia.

Her award-winning independent documentaries have aired on PBS stations and screened at museums, film festivals, theaters and universities around the world. Her independent documentaries examine critical environmental issues facing the planet and include 'ShellShocked: Saving Oysters to Save Ourselves', 'Invisible Ocean: Plankton & Plastic', and 'Brilliant Darkness: Hotaru in the Night'.

Emily taught production at New York University's Science, Health and Environmental Reporting Program (SHERP) and has a master's degree from the same program. She also has a master's in science documentary production, also from NYU. If she's not producing and editing documentaries, you can find her on the badminton court.


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